Useful information for patients on treatment:

  1. Bowel Regimen

    Your medical condition and/or narcotic pain medications may cause severe constipation. The following is a guideline for a bowel regimen you may follow. You may modify this as circumstances dictate.

  2. Consent for Chemotherapy Treatment

    My Doctor has explained the risk, benefits, alternatives and side effects of the chemotherapy proposed to treat my disease. I have been told that chemotherapy may be helpful in the treatment of my disease, either for controlling, arresting and/or curing it. I know that unwanted side effects occur with the use of chemotherapy drugs, and on rare occasions patents have had life threatening reactions. I accept that there is no accurate method to test prior to chemotherapy to know how my disease will respond.

  3. Mouth Care

    Suggestions To Help Stomatitis (sore mouth)

  4. Diarrhea

    Management of Diarrhea - what to eat and drink

  5. Safe Handling of oral chemotherapy and proper disposal of waste

    Safe Handling of Oral Chemotherapy